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New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge. We offer a variety of unique and educational horseback riding, carriage driving and sled dog programs for people of all ages.

RaoulBoers Amsterdam

Hummingbirds, chipmunks, sled dogs and sushi!
We had an extraordinary stay at this extraordinary lodge, formerly owned by the establisher of Prudential Insurance as present-day owner Steve will inform you. If we weren’t so pressed for time to “do New England” in a one-week road trip, e certainly would have stayed. Using tripadvisor we specifically searched for an off-the-beaten-track experience and BOY did we get what we bargained for! Driving up the -ironically named- King’s Highway in our compact was quite the adventure. Signs were curiously absent, except for the sign that said “BUMP”. We laughed seeing as the road had plenty of bumps the 4 miles before the sign! When you do find the wilderness lodge -literally at the end of the road- youwill find an amazing place. A quiet, peaceful haven in the forested heights of the White Mountains and some 70 well-behaved huskies as a welcoming comittee.

The lodging is luxurious in period/wilderness style, being a former millionaire’s lodge. We dropped by unannounced and were invited in without any hassle. The owners live in the same premises and personally we found this very homey and warm. That evening we could even partake in a nice social gettogether with the neighbors (living some distance away as you can well imagine). All in all an experience my wife and I will never forget. Especially the humming of hummingbirds waking us in the morning! Special. Very special indeed. Thanks for a great, albeit brief, stay.

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