New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge. We offer a variety of unique and educational horseback riding, carriage driving and sled dog programs for people of all ages.

Hummingbirds – experience hummingbirds up close and very personal in Maine – at the Telemark Inn Wilderness Lodge

For a quarter century  we have  been developing a dynamic hummingbird population here around the Lodge that is simply astounding in both the prolific numbers of hummers  around our feeders,    but also in that many of these hummers are “socialized” to be able to be hand fed-  offering us humans a chance to get very close and personal with these amazing little creatures.    Once the powerful air flow from the wings of these tiny acrobatic athletes moves across your face-   you just might never be quite the same again-  respect and Aw is a common response-      these hummingbirds migrate over 4,000 miles  twice each year ( once in early fall and again in early Spring)  with pin point accuracy- returning to the same breeding grounds each and every year-  no GPS’s   no maps-   but they return to these grounds every year usually arriving the beginning of May  through the beginning of September  before their migration back into the tropics of Costa Rica, Panama etc for the winters.   Come experience the magic of their movement- Upclose and very personal.


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