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New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge. We offer a variety of unique and educational horseback riding, carriage driving and sled dog programs for people of all ages.

New England  Carriage Driving and Horse Rescue is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge... We offer Carriage Driving Vacations and Carriage Driving Clinics (no experience necessary) , Family Horse and Husky Vacations , plus hourly carriage driving Lessons.   Our emphasis is on teaching Carriage Driving and sharing our animal training techniques  with those interested.

We also provide Therapeutic Animal based programs utilizing Carriage Driving horses along with our husky programs. These are designed for special needs populations including youth at risk, kids with developmental disorders and wounded veterans.

In addition to our 9 beautiful horses, most are rescued or adopted, we also have 65 well-trained and affectionate Alaskan Huskies.
The exceptionally sweet nature of the animals here amazes our guests, and is a product of how they are raised, handled and trained throughout their lives.


New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving Vacations • 591 Kings Highway Mason Township, ME 04217 • Phone 207-836-2703 or 207-731-6888