Mission Statement

New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge. We offer a variety of unique and educational horseback riding, carriage driving and sled dog programs for people of all ages.

Our Mission :


  1. To help improve the physical, emotional and mental well-being of all people, including those with special needs through creating an environment where people can connect with animals and nature.  To connect with these animals is to connect with yourself as well as the natural world.
  2. Through scholarships, to make the Summer Camp Experience available to children with financial need. 
  3. To share our love of Carriage Driving as sport and recreation and make it available to people who would not normally have the opportunity to enjoy it.
  4. To provide an educational environment  teaching  the wise and conservational use of our world- through applied  organic gardening of vegetables and fruits, as well as teaching an understanding of our wild forests through the flora and fauna.  Maine is a perfect place for this project to be located in.     Promoting the use of renewable Alternative energy  of wind and photovoltaic’s which  powers  our mountainside wilderness lodge for the past twenty five years.
  5.  To create a dynamic and new project that for the past 25 years has been raising and training animals in a bubble of trust and love-   which in turn creates amazingly friendly and workable animals  ( horses , huskies, llamas, and Hummingbirds too) which are perfect for the special needs of special populations. 

New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving Vacations • 591 Kings Highway Mason Township, ME 04217 • Phone 207-836-2703 or 207-731-6888