About Us

New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge. We offer a variety of unique and educational horseback riding, carriage driving and sled dog programs for people of all ages.

Leonarda “Leo” Joost

Leo (Leonarda) Joost has worked with horses for over 20 years in a variety of disciplines includung: Dressage, combined driving, pleasure driving, fox hunting, steeplechasing, and therapeutic riding. She enjoys training and just plain spending time with horses. She also enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of horses and positive animal training with anyone who wants to learn…..


Steve Crone

Has been working with horses ( llamas and sled dogs) for over twenty four years. His passions and interests since childhood have been pursuing the “natural” and wild side of the environment– either climbing mountains just to “see” them or studying Alpine Ecology in graduate school out West or being attentive to the organic gardens or spending quality time with his husky pups. Steve’s professional life has always been involved with showing people the beauty of nature and teaching them how to really “get close” to the experience both for the benefit of the animals and for the personal growth of the individual . Working and living with both Horses and Huskies are a direct way for Steve to “get close to Nature” – Steve (they say) is a bit of a character, and a very talented trainer of both sled dogs and horses- llamas too. He also enjoys feeding hummingbirds out of his mouth and sometimes entertaining guests with his witty humor. He owns and runs New England Dogsledding and the Telemark Inn Wilderness Lodge just outside of Bethel Maine.

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