Our horses are well trained and enjoy their jobs. They receive the best of care and are treated with love and respect. We have a wide variety of horses including: Morgans, Hackney ponies, Hackney/Morgan crosses, Friesian crosses, Quarterhorses, and a Standardbred. Most of our horses ride and drive. Carriage driving is fun and is becoming a more popular sport in the U.S., come try your hand at this beautiful and ancient artform!

Our Lodge is a kind of sanctuary, removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.. We utilize alternative energy sources; grow organic fruits and vegetables, and offer healthy hearty meals. For over twenty years here on the mountainside we’ve nurtured and developed an environment that has attracted hundreds of song birds and an amazing colony of hummingbirds which will dazzle your perception of reality. The stars are unbelievably bright with no city lights to fade the night sky. There are no sounds of traffic, only the wind and the song birds singing

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We offer a variety of unique and educational carriage driving , horseback riding and sled dog programs for adults, families, children, and school groups. In addition to our 10 beautiful horses, we also have 65 well-trained and affectionate sled dogs, and a small herd of friendly llamas which are all a part of the experience. Our kids and family camps are designed to encourage kids to get outside and connect with animals and nature. Developing a love for animals helps connect kids to the environment and to themselves.

Our horse and animal programs are exceptional because our approach to working with the animals is very different. They are not only well cared for, but also well understood. Learning about the essence of the animal itself and how it perceives and interacts with the world around it, is an important part of animal training, horseback riding, dogsledding or any other animal/person interrelationship.

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Come explore the mountains and lakes region of Western Maine and New Hampshire with New England Horseback Riding and Carriage Driving at The Telemark Inn Wilderness Lodge,- located within the White Mountain National Forest near Bethel, Maine, just 45 min. from North Conway New Hampshire.

New England  Carriage Driving and Horse Rescue is located at the Telemark Wilderness Lodge... We offer Carriage Driving Vacations and Carriage Driving Clinics (no experience necessary) , Family Horse and Husky Vacations , plus hourly carriage driving Lessons.   Our emphasis is on teaching Carriage Driving and sharing our animal training techniques  with those interested.

We also provide Therapeutic Animal based programs utilizing Carriage Driving horses along with our husky programs. These are designed for special needs populations including youth at risk, kids with developmental disorders and wounded veterans.

In addition to our 9 beautiful horses, most are rescued or adopted, we also have 65 well-trained and affectionate Alaskan Huskies.
The exceptionally sweet nature of the animals here amazes our guests, and is a product of how they are raised, handled and trained throughout their lives.


Whether your interests are in carriage driving, horseback riding, husky training, llama trekking or just being outside and enjoying Nature including our Hummingbirds, hiking, canoeing or camping in our authentic Sioux Tipis, you will love it here!